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I offer a range of Astrological services related to various areas of life such as – Career, Finance, health, marriage, love, education e.t.c to help you achieve the results and find difference in life. Get in touch below.


All career related issues solutions


timing of marriage, marriage problems and Love life

Complete Horoscope Analysis

To assess the various various of life, Personal and Professional and many more.

Astrology Report Packages

PackagePriceHighlights of Reports
1) Expert’s solutions of 1 short query with remedies500 ₹ 10 $ For foreign nationals for 1 query, 50 $ for complete report plus answer of 3 queries.Answer of your question in 300-400 words with remedies.
2) Annual report (Varshfal)
Report will be based on – Career, Health, marriage, love, finance. You can choose the areas for which you need answer in the report.
1100 ₹Complete 12 Month wise predictions with remedies. This report is a complete guide to give you clear indications good or bad phases in your birthday year.
3) Love report with remedies2100₹Analysis of the love aspects, success in love marriage, issues related to love-life and remedies to increase the chances of success in relationship.
4) Marriage Report
4B-Marriage life problems, future of married life and solutions of problems.
1100 ₹
2100 ₹
Timing of marriage (short report) Problems related to married-life and solutions.
5) Health report1100 ₹ and 50 $it will contain complete analysis of health prospects, any critical illness if indicated and solutions of health problems.
6) Birth time Rectification2100 ₹Those who don’t have an exact time of birth, this report help you to know the exact time of birth with analysis of report.
7) Janam patri for children’s (15 pages)

PDF file 500 ₹ Printed Book 20 pages Horoscope 1100₹Auspicious name of child according to stars and this report will cover various areas of life which are -health, education, career, marriage (love or arrange marriage), remedies of evil planets.

8) Match making1100 ₹Complete Gun milan and assessment of various aspects related to marriage.
9) Match making with analysis report2100₹Character of spouse, health and future married-life, luck after marriage, financial fortunes, relations with you and family, children’s and remedies.
10) Shani Saade Saati report (Dhaya or small panoti)1100 ₹To analyses the paya of Saturn (Gold, Silver or Iron Paya) mapping of Saturn, with solutions to curb the negative effects of Shani.
11) Jupiter/Saturn Transit report1100 ₹Complete analysis to check which areas of life are going to be affected during transit. e.g. finance, career, health, professional and personal-life.
12) Finance or Business report1100 ₹Complete analysis of downfall causing factors to financial prospects. Future aspects to increase financial gains.
13) Career Report1100 ₹To check areas of job growth. What is good for you job or business. To check out professional life issues and solutions. Yearly predictions for your career life.
14) Education and higher studies selection report2100 ₹This report will guide which education stream will be fruitful and give you desired level of growth in academic life. Selection of higher studies ad per stars. Productive areas of higher studies whether it is from India or foreign.
15) Gemstone/ Yantra/Rudraksh report1100₹In this report you will get, complete suggestions for the best suited gemstones or Rudraksha as per the planets and zodiac signs, this report is the complete guide which gemstone or Rudraksh be worn or not.
16) Muhurat (Vehicle, Property, Auspicious Ceremony etc.)500 ₹To find out the various Muhurat to increase the auspiciousness.

17) Complete life predictions 20 pages report.11000₹ to 21000₹ for foreign nationals 230$Blue print of your life, in this report you will get complete life predictions. Your life span, career, Mahadasha, 10 year Mahadasha results, health aspects, nature of death, marriage and married-life, children’s and happiness in the older age.

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