Ganesha Rudraksha and it’s benefits

Lord Ganesha – Rudraksha

Ganesh Rudraksha is symbol of Vighna Vinashak Ganesha who is younger son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parwati and first worshiped among all gods.

Presence of a trunk like stem in a Rudraksha is called Ganesh Rudraksha. Lord Ganesha is known for success and overcoming from obstacles.

Benefits of Ganesh Rudraksha

Rudraksha – Ganesh Benefits

Ganesh Rudraksha is believed to remove obstacles, brings luck and prosperity, wisdom learning prudence and power and also give blessing to start a new work. It guides and blesses the wearer in every sphere of life.

As lord Ganesh is lord of wisdom and intellect it is therefore good for students, scholars, researchers etc and it is one of the best Rudraksha which helps to clear the competitive examinations and helps to excel in the academic life.

Presiding Deity – Lord Ganesha

Recommended for – Students and it also helps in reducing the anxiety and confusions of mind to excel in their studies.

Mantra – Shree Ganeshay Namah

Day of Wearing – Monday

Who can wear Rudraksha:

Anyone could wear Rudraksha it’s a good way to attune planets, if we wear according to the planets which needs strength in our birth chart. Since Radraksha are the best and cost effective method to please evil planets of birth chart and it never gives bad or negative results as compared to gemstones.

Since now a days there is no guarantee that you may get genuine or natural gemstone in market, so it very tough to find authentic gemstones, but Rudraksha are not like this.

Some Do’s and Don’t for the Rudraksha:

  • Always keep faith on divine bead.
  • Pay regard and care to your Rudraksha.
  • Daily wash it with raw milk or Gangajal.
  • Remove while intercourse or sleep.
  • Wear after bath.
  • Don’t wear during menstrual cycle.
  • Pay true amount of devotion to this holy bead.

Note: For any genuine and high quality Rudraksha you can contact me. I will deliver the best suited Rudraksha to you after doing Pranpratishtha by Vedic Mantra and by following the complete energization process, so for this you need not to take tension.


Astrologer Subhash Sharma

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