What planetary Yoga’s are related to Miseries and Problems

As there are Thousands of auspicious and inauspicious Yoga’s are suggested by our sages, a learned astrologer finds these combinations of Yoga’s by using the astrological concepts and formulas, though it’s a bit tough task to find applicable Yoga’s as per the individuals chart, because it’s a laborious task and takes lots of calculations.
When it is confirmed that any inauspicious Yoga is creating obstructions and failures in life, then it becomes quite easily also to find perfect solutions of the root cause of problems. Sometimes many of us performs irrelevant remedies rather than performing the actual remedies for the inauspicious Yoga’s and all this leads to frustrations and loss of belief on luck and Astrology also.

Classification of Yogas

Around 38 Yoga’s of miseries and problems are illustrated in the classical Vedic texts, here we are discussing only common Yoga which are;

Dainya Yoga (Miserable Yoga)
Deha Kashta Yoga (Illness or Diseases)
Nirbhagya Yoga (Bad Luck)
Daridra Yoga (Absence of Income)

Effects of Negative or inauspicious Yogas results as follows:

Failures, Struggle, Hardships, Diseases.

Losses in business or setbacks in career life.

Penalties from Government.


Delay in marriage, childlessness, miscarriages.

False allegations, Defamation’s.

Struggle in professional life.

Loss of happiness in life.

Native faces problems in education and career.

Loss of jobs and face instability and insecurity.

The person will not be able to take decisions.

Financial crises and poverty.

Obstacles in every areas of life.

Mismatch in thinking between father and son.

It cause major health problems like, high blood pressure, asthma, jaundice, tumors, liver problems, chronic constipation, etc.

The native makes his own perspective and a particular way of thinking which attracts negativity.

The native becomes stubborn and rigid.

Loss of reputation and defame.

Prone to the imprisonment.

Hurdles in retaining property and wealth.

Note: The intensity of the malefic Yoga is decided by the malefic or benefic impact on it, if any malefic Yoga is getting the benefic and supportive planetary effects then it would reduce the negative impact of the Yoga.

Astrologer Subhash Sharma

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