Remedy for the conjunction of the Moon, Mars, and Ketu in the 8th house

Positioning of Moon in 8th house moreover, with unfavorable stellium is also not good. As the formulation is just like; many unpleasant things are added in the milk. As we knows that, Moon is a very gentle planet and controls our mind and emotions.

If we look upon the overall formulations, and positioning all are adverse, 1st the Moon-Ketu is not favorable for any extent secondly the Mars-Ketu is also not good, as the complete formulation is capable to cause many problems in life.

Health, wealth, and capable to disturb mental state. Look, is these areas are affected then problems comes from every directions, miseries and problems remains with the native like shadow.

Now let’s discuss about the remedies:

primarily strengthen your natal Moon by worshiping Lord Shiva and worship lord Ganesha to overcome all negative effects of the Ketu.

During the Chandra Grahan phase serve rice and black/White til to the running water to ward of the malefic effects of Moon-Ketu Grahan Dosha.

Donate red colored sweets to every Tuesday’s to get good effects of Mars together with this wear good quality of red coral in copper ring to boost the energy of your Ascendant lord to get good effects to your health front.

I hope this answers your query, for any astrological guidance you can contact.


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