Effects of Rahu during it’s Mahadasha phase

Rahu and Ketu are best known for their maleficent nature, these are heavy malefic, deceptive and cruel in nature, but on the other-hand these are also wealth and success giver. During the transit and the period of Dasha system triggers them, then we experiences good or bad results accordingly.

As per Vedic Astrology Rahu and Ketu has its own importance the unfavorable results are in the form of, failure, bad luck, hardships, obstruction in career and personal life, cash crunch, financial loss, diseases, block of fate etc. Whereas the favorable results are beyond the limit and expectations such as; Gains in life, worldly pleasures, immense success, hidden wealth, name & fame, promotion and increase in confidence.

This is a challenging period in which you are at a high point of sensitivity and intuition. There is so much going on your psyche that you can suffer much confusion and over direction and identity. During 2019, your patience and calmness will be tested at many times and it’s totally depends upon you that how you will handle the adverse situations.

This is not a time for being extroverted or aggressive. This is a time of introversion and deeper self-understanding. Be gentle with yourself and those around you. Think carefully before making important decisions. Be cautious when making major changes. You will find many things not working out as had planned. There can be unexpected turbulence in personal life.

Moreover, you experience the emotional turmoil that can come with this highly charged period. As, during this year mentally you will face some roller-coaster rides due to the gloomy effects of Rahu and Ketu. The quantity in traces of the poisonous serpent venom is sufficient to cause turbulence in your life. So, be prepared for the likely to face challenges.

You can overcome the adverse effects and step out the challenges and adversities through your strong capabilities and robust qualities. So, you must need not to worry about the challenges and future problems. The present phase is demanding of a broad view of life and to pay devotion to your planets to extract desired results, moreover your intuition will guide you safely from the storm.


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