Health predictions with the help of Astrology

You can find solutions with the help of Astrology, it’s a divine science and working perfectly for the well-being of us.

Astrological analysis indicate the possibilities of diseases and health sufferings and solutions can also be attained through it. Generally the adverse and weak positioning of the stars are responsible for the health issues because, stars works in the true form of inauspicious Yoga’s.

The unfavorable formulations of the Yoga forming planets triggers the health issues in time to time, Dasha, Transit and other factors indicate how long illness would commence.

Weak and affected state of Ascendant lord, is a primary indication for the weak constitution of body, together with this the thorough analysis of related divisional charts reveals complete truth about the health.

Trik houses and natural malefic stars are if in association with the lagna and lagna lord give to the formation of Deha Kashta Yoga.

Complete analysis of chart help us to clear the image of health.


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