Which planetary combination in horoscope denotes one’s prosperity after marriage/ because of the luck of his spouse?

Prosperity after luck is commonly seen to many individuals, and it makes us amazed, because it makes us curious to know that what would happen with us after marriage, will I be successful after my marriage or not, how would be my financial fortunes? Will her or his stars favor my financial fortunes and lead to the growth. Likewise there so many questions related to the marriage and success from the marriage.

Let’s discuss the various combinations:

Combinations for the happy married-life

7th house is seen for the marriage, similarly if 7th house and it’s lord is in a healthy state then, it directly bless our life with the supportive spouse and blissful and healthy married-life.

As this is the thumb rule for the happy married-life, but for the wealthy married-life there is some twist, which brings prosperity after marriage.

Prosperity after marriage

Marriage is destined, the stars of the spouse holds the success if your stars is lock then your stars having the key of the lock to unlock your luck, indeed how amazing it appears!

It is often seems that, many of others got huge success after the marriage. As stars gets activated after the marriage and the companion to whom you have married also supports to work some new for the success.

Some planetary combinations which gives prosperity after marriage

if 7th house lord and 9th house lord are friends in each other in ones chart then, it gives the perfect firenships btween the spouse and your planets.

e.g. if your 7th house lord is Sun and spouse’s 9th house lord is Mercury, It means both are friends in each other.

Secondly, if 7th house lord is Mars and 9th house lord of the spouse chart is Moon then both are friends.

As this rule is also applies with the Navamsha chart to make the conditions more favorable.

Now the above said combinations are for the lucky spouse, but for the prosperity after marriage there should be conjunction or aspect between the lord of the 2nd and 11th houses, because these houses are seen for the gains and accumulation of funds.

Couples Attracts the financial gains, if the above said houses and lords are making any relations with them, the perfect relations and interchange of the lords gives prosperity after marriage.

Somehow this may appearing complex but, remember life is also complex to reveal the truth some efforts are must, if you knows the basics then you would find it easy to understand otherwise take the help from your Astrologer to check what your destiny holds.

I hope this answers your concern.


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