Which career is best according birth chart and D10 chart?

As career selection is tricky task and demands much efforts to deduce the best areas of career, but only career doesn’t matters best career is must. Here Astrology helps to find best career.

For career selection and direction, it is must to analyze the inclinations and interests of the native, because everyone have their own taste for the career, many of us have interests in the technical field, some like Medical fields, but some likes others fields, it’s all depends and varies person to person.

Foundation of the career starts from the 11th and 12th standard here during the schooling, native moves ahead with the science, medical or with the arts fields, then afterwards the journey of the career starts from here. Now question arises that, if native opt the destined stream of education then how it’s not possible that everyone attains success in their career fields.

Look it’s a different matter because for the success and failures in the career life, various Yogas are responsible, which gives rise in the career field. Similarly if dominance of the bad Yogas are present in the chart then native faces failures and obstacles in the career-life.

Which career is best as per birth and D10 chart:

Look the positioning of the 10th house lord in D1 chart and the influence of the planets on 10th house, if majority of the benefics are influencing on the 10th house then you will have successful career-life, but in which field you will be successful it depends on the lord of the 10th house, similarly if 10th house lord is Sun it means you will be benefited by the Government and the profession related to the Government job, Municipal Corporation, or any Government or semi Government job will remain beneficial for you.

Mars: it is the significator of Army, police, gym trainer, athletics and sports. Likewise the business related to the sports goods, or jobs related to the army or police gives high rise in the career associated by the Mars.

Venus: it is the significator of banking, taxation, cosmetics, beauty items, interior decoration, thus the profession related to these areas will remain fruitful.

Moon: is a Significator of communication, dairy products, clothes, marine, import and export business, banking, since the profession associated with the Moon directly gives rise in the career-life.

Mercury: The planet of intelligence, communication power, it signifies business related to the stock market, toys making, creche, paper and paper printing press. Likewise the profession related to the Mercury gives rise in the career.

Jupiter: it signifies education, and teaching, likewise the teaching profession, books selling, religious good, preachers, Yoga Guru, spiritual healers, Banking, air hostess, agriculture and farming all are associated with the Jupiter, hence the profession related to the Jupiter gives success.

Saturn: It denotes laborious works, heavy industries, mining, oil ridge, coal, oil, leather industries, service class, sewage treatment plants, municipal corporation jobs, iron works, and agriculture. Likewise the above said profession are best suited profession if Saturn is the lord of 10th house of D1 chart.

Similarly if the lords of the D1 and D10 charts are same then you can find assurance that if you’re moving with the profession related to the lords of 10th houses then it will give you complete success in the career associated with the 10th houses lords.

If some other planets are influencing the 10th house then native may have mixed profession, similarly if the 10th house is aspected by the fiends of the 10th house lord, then the friendly aspect of the planet gives boost in the strength of the 10th house. As this rule applies for the D1 and D10 chart.

I hope this answers your concern.


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