Moon and your thought process


Moon is a fastest moving planet, similarly our thoughts are like the movement of Moon, in sometime we are in the excited phase and in another moment it is sad. Oftentimes we juggles with the number of thoughts and confusions, why all this happens let’s unfold some facts related to our mind and Moon

Moon Nurturing your mind

As we well versed from Moon is a soft and gentle planet and it absorbs greatly what goes around us, it gives learning of new ideas and reforms the life by making us to think for the better changes and transformation to life. If something is going weired with the relationships with others it’s all due to may the waning or waxing Moon effects on your life.


Relationships and happiness is not granted and it is also depends how we are taking it to hold it intact but sometimes thought process and the state of mind tends us to react in some different manner and that may causes problems and creates gaps in to the relations.


Moon gives education, if you are good for a while at your education front it means tour natal Moon is supportive for you which is giving the desired resulting in grasping the important concepts of studies to perform well academically.

Mental troubles and anxieties

The soothing effects of Moon directs our mind to be social, cool and calm, similarly if the tides of the thoughts becomes unbridled then it leads to the anxieties and mental troubles.

Moon posses strength to control the weaves of sea, often reported that the high tides comes during the full Moon effects, likewise minds thoughts are controlled by the smooth flow of the water content and nutrients to our mind to deliver desirable output of mind.

I hope this short article would help you to look towards the Moon at different angle.


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