What kind of birth chart / planetary combination gives massive fame?

Wealth and Success is indicates by the specified planetary positioning and strength of the houses makes the native wealthy and enjoyable to the luxuries and riches.

Let’s understand which are the houses responsible for the massive fame and wealth. Auspicious combination between the 2nd and 11th house plays a pivotal role in strengthening the wealth prospects, whereas the healthy state of Jupiter, Venus, Moon strengthen the wealth prospects.

Since Moon is seen for the inflow of money and it controls the cycle of funds and,
Jupiter gives expansion, here expansion is not related to the finance only but to the fortune, luck and image in the social circle, because wealth and fame and reputation in the social circle all are connected with the divine Jupiter.

Lastly, Venus – it gives happiness, fulfillment of desires related to wealth, vehicles, financial status, abundance to wealth, our fulfillment of desires are seen from the Venus, it enhances the financial status beautifully and native enjoys the success in wealth, fame and immense success in life.
Now let’s discuss about the role of houses in giving immense wealth:

Purely connection between 2nd, 9th and 11th are seen for massive fame and wealth, how ?
2nd house is seen for the wealth, 9th house is luck house and 11th house is – house of gains. If your luck is supporting you the, your efforts will derive gains and 2nd house would support you to receive the earnings and help you to attain the desired level of success between the peoples because your luck is supporting in every manner and you are gaining the success through your efforts.

I hope this answer would help you to understand the concept of immense success and wealth.

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