Results of Rahu during Mahadasha as per the Placement in Horoscope

Rahu boss ! Chaotic energy, devil’s head, our desires, and lots of more things represented by Rahu ji. As placement of Rahu is important in order to asses the result giving capacity. Similarly if Rahu has occupied a good position in the chart then, the flow of energy would be in the right direction but my dear friends always remember Rahu is a massive energy and it is must to get aligned yourself if you want good results.

Since the scattering of energy in the opposite or wrong direction is the cause of problems during Rahu’s Mahadasha or Antardasha phase. So straying during Rahu dasha phase is quite possible, since it would increase your desires and these high desires may be the cause of your problems.
Let’s understand with one example, here I am sharing one of the practical experience of my unlucky client.

It’s a story of native who lives in Delhi now, here I would not reveal the name of native due to Astrology’s code of conduct. Story is just like a bollywood movie, that native belongs to small village of Noida U.P, he was running his stock marketing business and day by day he was gaining handsome amount of money through the stock market business, at that time he was running through his 11th house lord I.e. Mars Mahadasha phase till up 12 January 2019, then Rahu Mahadasha start, now this Mahadasha proved turning point of his life. As like the qualities of Rahu from when it’s Phase started native inclined towards some luxuries and want to increase the assets. Since it’s well understood that, wealth and health are not granted but as per the destiny Rahu entered in his life and start doing it’s devilment’s by attracting him to buy property in the well developed area.

Native took huge bank loan but after 3 months it is reported that he get betrayed by the property consultant, then just after this native got huge loss in the stock market business and lost huge amount earned whatever gained during Mars Mahadasha phase, eventually native enveloped in to huge problems from everywhere. By and large this story is just a learning for those who don’t controls over their high desires and makes plans without weighing the pros and cons.

Eventually when he contact me I suggested some simple remedies and some practical solutions to him and luckily his life gains the momentum, however his property loss may take some time to get recovered but, his destiny is now supporting him and he attain the momentum of life and got relief from the financial stress by gaining again through his business.

So, this a simple story which indicates that, if you want to derive good results then don’t make impulsive decisions during Rahu Mahadasha because Rahu may elevate your desires but control over the desires and right directions in the form of advise may help you to protected from any problems. Similarly if you bridle over the energy of Rahu then you may have desired level of success even during the phase which is well versed for problems and miseries.

I hope this answers your concern and help you to apply your logical approach during Mahadasha of Rahu.
Feel free to add comment, I would be glad to answer your concern.

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