What is the result if Bhrigu Bindu occurs in the seventh house?

Bhrigu bindu ! Destiny point

Bhrigu Bindu is an imaginary midpoint of the Rahu – Moon axis and is calculated by deducting the longitude of Rahu from that of Moon.The difference is divided by 2.The Quotient obtained should be added to Rahu’s position and the result will be the Rahu-Moon midpoint and is called Bhrigu Bindu.

When any planet, benefic or malefic in transit aspects or conjuncts the Bhrigu Bindu,positive or negative results are to be expected respectively. Conjunctions over this point are more effective than those by aspect.

The seventh house is commonly known as the house of relationships as it covers business and personal relationships. You might also see it referred to as the “house of marriage” or the “house of open enemies.”

Results can be vary according to the transit of the planets if benefics transits over the bhrigu bindu then the outcome of the results are very good during benefic transit and if malefic transits over the bhrigu bindu then results according to the nature of planets. eg produce unfavourable results such as long sickness,disagreement with spouse,sickness to spouse,sudden loss of wealth,death of near relations and one’s own death provided it is indicated by other factors too.


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