What are the astrological aspects of a fickle minded or inconsistent person?

Fickle mind personality.

Planets are responsible for personality and various factors to the native, an influence of planets makes an individual, brave, timid, full of confidence, low confidence, aggressive or cool minded. All these effects are based on the influence of the planets.

Let us understand first the planets responsible for the fickle minded nature. Mercury, Venus and moon are responsible for the fickle mindness and the houses are 3rd and 5th houses plays an important role in fickle mindness.

When there is is impact of Mercury, Moon to the Ascendant or the Aavedan lord then native will have fickle personality. When Mercury impact to the third house then native is seriously fickle because third house is seen for the courage and if Mercury or Venus impact to the third house then this is surely we can say that native is fickle as well as low intelligent.

When Moon occupies the nakshatra of Mercury and Shukra and Moon also occupies the 3rd or 5th house then thee are the high probability of the fickle mind personality.

So the influence directly indicator for the fickle nature of the native. We can control the fickle nature by performing proper and effective remedies, for this i need to properly analysis of Horoscope.

I hope this answer will be helpful to you.

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