Why can a Manglik girl marry a Manglik boy?

Manglik Dosha

Planets influences our life 24×7 Manglik Dosha is a inborn Dosha and due to effects of Mars this Dosha forms.

Out and out, it is most important that Manglik should marry with the Manglik boy or a girl.

Let’s understand with example, why it is important.

Mars is a hostile and immense energetic planet and there should be perfect balance to deal with the martian energy, whereas it is must that, both charts should have equal balance of Martian energy.

If one having Mangal Dosh, whereas another don’t have then; the Martian energy will cause rift and disbalance in the married life, ego cashes and difference in opinions are often seen in the Manglik and non Manglik couples.

So, in order to have happy and harmonious married life perfect balance of the planetary forces is must.

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