Which planetary positions in Kundli make the most aggressive people?

Aggressive Tendencies……

For Aggressiveness there are some planetary factors are responsible, as aggression is a short phase elevation of mental wavelength as for the short period it is considered as normal behavior, but sometimes it also persists for the long-time, therefore this condition is considered as impact of chemical imbalance in our mind.

Astrologically our planets plays a very important role to maintain calmness of our mind, as harmonious person is easily mingle with others and he or she easily can adapt any circumstances but contrary to this aggressive person always found isolated, even before talking with him everyone hesitate so that what will be his or her reaction!

There are many astrological combinations are responsible for aggressiveness;

Primarily, Moon controls our mind, whereas the affliction to our Moon directly harms the thinking power and leads to our behavioral change.

Aggression; when Moon gets the affliction from Mars, Saturn, Sun, Rahu, Ketu, together with affliction to the Moon if it is posited in the adverse house or in dual sign with affliction and having devoid of beneficial aspect or conjunction then aggressive tendency develops.

Conclusively, to judge better and prescribe effective remedies to cure this bad tendency, prior analysis is must, in order to suggest effective remedies.

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