What kind of planetary combinations on a birth chart and Navamsa chart would provide you a famous spouse?

Our Stars, Famous and reputed spouse.

well for marriage God has created all of us, though it is important and everyone remains curious to know about the future prospects of marriage that, whether my souse would bring happiness and financial fortunes to my life or not!

As we knows, 7th house represents spouse and the conditions of the 7th house and it’s lord reveals complete truth about the spouse conditions.

2nd house is seen for wealth 11th house for desires and association and aspects on the 7th house and 7th lord indicate the from where we get spouse and also the success in financial conditions with social impact.

If 7th lord is aspected by its friendly planets then spouse will be from good and reputed family, if 7th house is aspects by Jupiter or sun then the spouse will be from large and reputed family the spouse parents will be from govt organization or their social impact will be high she will not be from an ordinary family.

So there are so many factors responsible for the good and socially strong wife, so if anybody want to get famous spouse or want their married life happy and blissful then need to strengthen your natal planets which are capable to give you happy married life.

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