What is the impact of Jupiter in the 6th house of Sagittarius Ascendant?

Jupiter the Divine planet and the positioning in the 6th house it matters a lot for it, primarily we have to understand the significance of the 6th house. 6th house is one of the house from “Trik bhava” and is seen for the hurdles, failures, short term illness and setbacks. this is the house for other good things also, like. job, loans and so many other things which are related to us and other blood relatives also.

Jupiter gives best results when it is posited in the kendra and Trine plus having friendly aspects. 6th house is not favorable for the Jupiter and this house restricts the Jupiter to deliver it’s good results. but, it also protect our-self from the massive loss or major problems because due to it’s divines . if Jupiter posited in the 6th house and also having devoid from the friendly aspects and it matters a lot and directly indicate that the individual is meant for the suffering in the life.

The adverse effects native faces in the form of:

opposition from the family members.

Financial fluctuations.

Debt and loans burden.

delay in marriage in case of the female natives.

abdominal problems, specifically for the digestion related and gall bladder stones, acidity, constipation are the common problems, diabetes and blood pressure problems.

Jupiter is the karka or Prime significator planet for the child and child conception, an afflicted Jupiter can give many problems. delay in getting child miscarriage. those females having afflicted Jupiter in 6th house or having unfavorable conjunctions like Jupiter+Ketu, Jupiter +Rahu then IVF procedures generally give disappointments and failures.

Jupiter always protect us by creating protecting shield in the form of Divine blessings but the affliction to Jupiter can perforate the protective shield which is created by the Jupiter.


Apply kesar (Saffron) tilak daily.

Donate yellow flowers yellow pulses in temple on every Thursday’s.

for Sagittarius Ascendant Jupiter is the lagna lord, thereby providing strength is must, so you can wear Yellow Sapphire, or Citrine Gemstone studded in Gold or Brass will be helpful to boost the power of Jupiter.



  1. Sir can you briefly explain Jupiter(not combust) and sun conjunction in 6th house for cancer ascendent?


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