What are the unique rare properties of amethyst gemstones and where can we find them?

As per Indian astrology, Amethyst stone is connected to the planet Saturn. It is believed that wearing this stone can help magnify the benefits harvested from this planet and also protect the individuals from the negative effects of the Shani. Also called as Jamuniya, Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone.

It has a high degree of spiritual vibration. There are absolutely no negative effects whatsoever noted in wearing this stone.This stone helps in preventing diseases related to arthritis, backbone and shoulders and helps the wearer stay protected against psychic attacks.

It helps convert negative energies into positive energy. Amethyst stone has a unique capability to prevent mental stress and negative energies. The strong healing powers of Amethyst stone help the wearer achieve a happy and healthy life. Amethyst is also known to awaken the spiritual powers of humans.

Amethyst stone is extremely powerful in calming the mind. It enhances memory, motivates and increases the capacity to set realistic goals. It is also known as the spiritual stone, It helps in enhancing selflessness and attain spiritual wisdom.


This is a substitute gemstone and available easily but you need to buy only genuine gemstone so, better will be prior gemstone testing to be done.


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