What are the good days in this new year according to Indian Astrology?

Well, all days are good but it depends that, specifically which day or a moth is auspicious and good for you, it depends on the planets and influence on our life.

I’m general days are divided into Saumya and Kroor days. Let us understand with example.

Days lord qualities of the days Samaya/kroor

Sunday- Sun -Kroor (Heavy)

Monday – Moon – Saumya (Soft)

Tuesday – Mars – Kroor

Wednesday – Mercury – Saumya

Thursday – Jupiter – Saumya

Friday – Venus – Saumya

Saturday – Saturn – Kroor

Accordimg to Numerology 1 to 12 months are characterized on the basis of sun of the total number just like; 1st moth January ruled by Sun and other example 11 November is 1+1=2 ruled by Moon.

Summarily, there are so many aspects are analyzed to check which month or the day is specifically good or auspicious for the native.


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