How person become subject of being bullied by other’s

As, we can’t fully blame for the factors which are responsible for the bullies by the other people or having low status in the society or in gathering.

Primarily, we need to understand which planetary forces are responsible for the fierce behavior or timid person.

Planets which are responsible for the energy, pride and respect are; Mars, Sun, Jupiter.

Rahu is the enhancer or we can say acts like a catalyst which can increase the intensity of bad and good effects of the planets. If Rahu is associated with Saturn then results are experienced due to the collusion with Saturn are bad or sometimes beyond the expectations. Venus and Rahu are the planets if these are well placed then with the effects of the of Rahu and Venus life becomes attractive and wealthy then nobody try to bullies because if you are having sufficient amount of money (Venus) then you have a contact with influential persons of the society (Rahu).

On the other Jupiter, Mars and Sun indicates the inherited fame and regard from the society. The effects of the Sun and Mars naturally fills the magnetism and authoritative nature in innerself. Plus, if Moon also having in strong state then outcome of results are best of the best.

Conclusively, overall planetary factors are indicates the cIrcumstances of being bullies by someone or fierce atitude.


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