Does having a damaged Moon in your astrological charts mean that you will have a horribly abusive mother and severe emotional isolation and loneliness?

Primarily we need to understand what does Moon resembles; Moon is mind, mother and fiance and happiness what we have all around us.

Moon is ruler of 4th house according to the Kaal Purush Kundali.

If Moon is gets afflicted from the heavy malefic s i.e. Rahu, Ketu or Saturn specially I am emphasizing that it should be in conjunction then,

1st rule is applies that, Moon is conjunction with malefic planet.

2nd rule; there should be 4th house is occupied from any one of them; Saturn, Rahu or Ketu.

Then this condition is known as “Mother’s curse or Matru Rin”

it clearly indicates that in your past life you had committed cruelity and horribly abused to your mother or with any another lady which is same to your mother, it clearly indicates unjust treatment by you, now the cure is with you in this life.

Now you would be thinking what are the effects and remedies of this curse.

Friends I would like you to know that, cures is life-long and no one can answer this except God, when you will be free from this curse, but only and only your devotion and respect to the mother and to the old ladies will eradicate the effects of this Dosh.

This Dosh results in many problems throughout the life, primarily it affects our Mind, finance and respect in the society and also causes weakening of our self-confidence, life becomes without un meaningful with the effects of this Dosh, native always feels lonliness and something is lacking in life and remains devoid from the happiness.


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