Does a retrograde Saturn give more bad results in Sade Saati?

Saturn and it’s effects.

Well, the effects of Sade Sati are depends upon the friendship with Ascendant and Moonsign, whereas Saturn in itself is capable to cause turbulence in life.

Retrogression is a common factor of Saturn, whereas Sade Sati is naturally gives hardships and failures in life and lead to the unaccomplished desires, the malefic amd negative pressure of Saturn gives negativity in life, Saturn is a master of delay and it’s obnoxious energy creates hurdles and failures in life. During its phase changes in the personal life and behavior are common and oftentimes financial fluctions are commonly seen.

Moreover, Your hidden resentment or frustration will be brought out in this period. Here you need to keep your patience and also need to analyse the real issues for your dissatisfaction.


Please your natal Saturn by donating black clothes, mustard oil, lamp four faced under peepal tree, to curb the negative pressure from life.

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