Did you recover what you lost after Sade Sati especially regarding your job or profession?

Saade Saati and its impact on life….

Well it is very tough to tackle with the adverse situation in life, because Saturn’s effects are spine fracture affects are capable to Entangle anyone in the quandary of adverse situations, moreover Saturn is best known for the MASTER OF PROBLEMS.

It’s cruel nature creates many problems in life, oftentimes it is reported that, during the period of Saade Sati, native faces lots of problems from sky to fall on the ground effects are common in it’s period.

Primarily we need to understand why it’s happens, in opposite to this some attains tremendous and amass wealth during it’s Saade Sati.

If Saturn transit is good houses from Moon occupied Nakshatra and together with if Saturn is friendly to the Moon sign or Ascendant then results are expected good, but on the contrary to this if situations are opposite to this then results are quite worst from the expectations.

Whereas, Saturn lead to the some negativity and confusions in life, you may lack self-confidence and succumb to fear plus hesitation. All of this lead to emotional turmoil, you may feel stagnant or frustrated with yourself and with your personal environment and you may be lacking in self-confidence. You might seek help of others to validate yourself and depend on others to boost your confidence. When such attempts fail, you may feel isolated, let down and discouraged.

Now, lets discuss about your concern, that “Did you recover what you lost after Sade Sati especially regarding your job or profession?

In short my reply is yes!

Now let’s understand, how it is possible; the impact of Saturn not remains for the life long, whenever favorable Dasha or transit comes and favorable formulations of planets affects our life native gains in much faster speed as he had faced loss.

we need to understand that the impact of the Saturn never remains for the life-long, Saturn is the planet which teach lots of discipline and make you able to connect with the ground, moreover it makes person to come out from the imaginary world and become practical.

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