Which house represents day to day expenses in astrology?

Day to day expenses…

well this is a concern of all that, how to control over the daily expenses, because some expenses are in our daily life are necessary and some are not.

Let’s understand what are the Astrological factors which affects our finance and liquid cash for the expenses.

As the 11th house is seen for the gains and 12th house is seen for the loss small and major expenses; 2nd house for the daily income and liquid cash, when the lords of 2nd and 12th hose makes combinations in any adverse house then expenses are much higher.

Whereas if the lord of gains house and 2nd house are in strong position as compared to the loss house lord, then expenses remains under control.

Likewise; there should be strong positioning and conjunction of the 2nd house and 11th house lord to have a good financial stability.

3rd house is seen for the efforts and our social circle and expenses on the livelihood plus daily expenses, now here is the twist; that 3rd house creates the circumstances for the expenses in day to day life.

conclusively, both 3rd and 12th houses act for the daily expenses.

In order to get financial stability, boost the strength of your financial planets.

Natural significator planets for the finance are;

Moon, Jupiter and Venus, therefore we can boost the energy by Gems, Donation of related articles, Mantra etc.

Contact for Astrological guidance to know better options for financial stability.

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