What would you say to couples who are in love but don’t have a proper kundali match?

Love is blind and don’t knows the boundaries

If someone has developed positive feelings for someone special then, god also make the things come closer, this is fact. Sometimes kundali shows perfect match but the low knowledge makes the lovebirds confused and misguided.

Though it is fact that, our stars affects our life in various manners, moreover if someone falls in love then, there are some many barriers come in the path of love, and these are from oppositions and disagreements from the end of families and relatives. The mismatching of the caste and creed is also a big factor other than matching of horoscope. Families make compromises in case of arranged marriage and pressurize astrologers or pandits for the false matching also.

At this point some fails to maintain the dignity of divine science and many of us wisely deny to do wrong match making.

  • If someone in deep love birds should have complete mapping of their horoscopes to find the solutions and also this would help them to get the information regard the evil planets which could lead to the many problems in their married-life.
  • if you believe in the relations caste and other social relationships then nobody tread ahead beyond the boundaries. If boy and girl are well settled then, they can move ahead for the love marriage provided charts are properly analyzed by the expert astrologer.

Remember if problems are there then, astrology having a solutions for all problems, because it is a divine science and meant for the well being of human beings, likewise if charts are not matching then move ahead with the remedies to get divine blessings to turn your emotions in to reality.

I hope this answers your query.


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