Some Astrological findings, How is Baba Ramdev a billionaire?

Baba Ramdev, perfect business tycoon and Baba of controversies!

Well! Only Saturn is not responsible behind his success there are several other factors are also playing a pivotal role for his success.

Let’s have quick look for his birth details,

Date of Birth :- 25 December 1965

Birth Time :- Not Known

Place of Birth :- Mahendragarh, East Punjab, India (present-day Haryana)

Since this birth data is available to the Wiki source, thus no other authentic birth details are available, then analysis with the available birth details are quite justified to analyze his Surya Kundali to explore some facts of his life

SURYA KUNDLI- Generated by Parashara 6.1

Astrological Findings:

Perfect positioning of planets in his chart is indicating, that he possess perfect fuel to achieve success in every areas of life, though challenges are god gifted to him. What we can say for him is less. Similarly his stars making him to fiercely face the challenges, as his earthy personality directly reflects the perfection as Yoga Guru, business tycoon and as a politician.

The flow of energy through the stars is empowering him to achieve success through the inborn capabilities.

As the positioning of Saturn in the 3rd house is which is acting for him as a powerhouse through Saturn he is getting energy to turn his planning in to reality, similarly the effective communication power is helping him to make money through his communication.

Effective communication power is the blessings from the auspicious positioning of Saturn in the 3rd house, whereas Jupiter in the 7th house showering divine grace in many manner, thus the benefic Jupiter guiding him to be on the perfect path to spread the divine knowledge of Yoga for the welfare of human beings, whereas various education centers and ashrams doing commendable social work. As Jupiter is known for the knowledge and spirituality, thus he posses high level of spiritual knowledge and his radiance helping him to float smoothly in the ocean of spirituality.

On the other hand, the effects of Saturn is letting him to bend, and disciplined, plus loyal towards his responsibilities and aim. Thereby wonderfully loaded combinations of the spirituality and discipline given by the Saturn and Jupiter, which are leading his life more progressive

Controversies and Yoga Guru

As, he is a sage of controversies and fearless attitude which makes him unique, many of the opponents tried their best to tarnish his asceticism image, moreover competitive business prospects also caused fluctuations in his progressive life, but the planet of Aggression and action i.e. Mars being in the 2nd house empowering him to turn any challenge in to ash with the immense energy of Mars and through his fearless actions. By and large, challenges will come to his life but he is a master to utilize the challenges as a tool of gains and success.

I hope this answers your query

Acharya Subhash Sharma

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