What is an astrological combination for a late marriage?

Late Marriage

As for the marriage related concern there are many factors responsible for the late or early marriage, since marriage is necessary for everyone, but for better marriage prospects sometimes we personally make delays to find best match for us.

As marriage is a bond of two lives and it happens when our stars gets aligned to make marriage to be happen for.

Various general factors responsible for the delay in marriage:

Seeking for the perfect match, which should be compatible as per your profession.

She or he should be a job or business oriented person.

Family barriers for love marriage, this also cause delay in marriage, because family wants arranged marriage but you’re looking for the love marriage.

Unsettled career-life.

Choices of personality and overall looks that, he or she should be as per my choice, thus color, height and other factors are also responsible for the marriage delay.

Abroad professionals are also faces delay, because during their marriageable age they remains in the abroad then after overage they seeks for their marriage.

Summarily many factors plays important role behind the delay in marriage.

Some Astrological Factors:

As 7th house is seen for the marriage and Venus, Jupiter are the prime significator marriage. Hence Jupiter signifies husband for females and Venus signifies wife for males. Together with this any affliction to the 7th house viz, Mars, Saturn, Rahu/Ketu also cause delay in marriage.

Whereas, Mangal Dosha is also a big factor for the delay in marriage, along with this if significator planets are also afflicted then, it leads to the long delay in marriage.

Though for early marriage, some states of India known best for the early marriage, these are Bihar, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, while some other delay for the settled life.

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