How would the Jupiter transit 2019 be for various ascendants?

Transit of Jupiter can be seen from Ascendant and Moon Signs.

Jupiter is natural benefic planet, it gives wisdom, prosperity and success. The phase after November 2019, may attract difference in many manners, due to it’s natural beneficence nature, efforts may bring success and increase financial fortunes, sound health conditions, things which are going out of the hands will come to your hands.

Though the transiting Jupiter will ingress to the Sagittarius sign on 2 November 2019, this period is going to be the most luckiest phase for those Jupiter is highly beneficial, since results may vary according to the Moon sign which are as follows:

For Aries

Jupiter is natural significator for the 9th house, since transit of Jupiter will be to the 9th house, it will activate the luck to attract wealth and prosperity for the Arians.

For growth and progression in your profession, you will be prosperous and gain support from government or influential persons in the society. You will be a business oriented person. You would be honored at professional front. You would be generous and might get famous due to your work. You would be a good team leader and can handle large projects.


For Taurus Moon sign transiting Jupiter will give results related to the 8th house, since 8th house denotes illness, loss, hurdles and problems, thus this phase is demanding attention towards the health front, avoid to take any risk during this phase.

Whereas from 8th house it will be aspecting 2nd house which is seen for the finance and eating habits, thus some resentments related to financial front may shake your financial stability.

With respect to the financial front this phase demands tight control over the expenditures.


For Gemini Moon sign, Jupiter will bring happiness at the domestic front, partnerships will remain fruitful, those waiting for the marriage are likely to tie a sacred knot.

love matters will find elevation in the love relationships, make memories with partner to make your relationship much stronger.

Whereas at domestic front happiness will envelop you, happiness at domestic front will boost your confidence to make your pursuits successful.


Transiting Jupiter to the 6th house will eliminate enemies and bring you the supreme powers to be energetic and competitive during this phase. Transiting Jupiter may bring success for those who are waiting for the better job.

Whereas during this phase you have to adhere to the healthy diet, otherwise short term illnesses may bother you, avoid way side food and abstain oily and preserved food.

Donate religious books to temple to get best effects of Jupiter.


During this phase your creativity will remain in the full strength, you will achieve desired happiness and success in love matters.

Professionally you will achieve desired growth due to your intelligence, even promotion or rise in pay can be expected. This will be the perfect phase to derive good results through your intelligence.

Sound conditions of health may support your luck to deliver your best in every areas of life.


If you’re planning to buy dream home or car then during this phase transiting Jupiter will help you to materialize your aspirations.

Sound conditions can be expected, at health front you will find gradual relief from the long term illnesses.

Jupiter will bring rise in career and boost your financial fortunes.


Transiting Jupiter to the 3rd house may bring good news from the family front, your loved ones will achieve desired success and growth, through your effective communication you will make your feelings effective, those dealing with the customers at business front can expect growth in business through their effective communication skills.


As 2nd house matters for all because 2nd house is seen for the finance and for Scorpions, this transit is going to be the most productive phase of the year. During this phase you will have windfall of money through various channels, money given to others may find its way to come to you easily.

Health point of view you will get rid of from the chronic health issues. The auspicious energy of Jupiter will bless you to perform best and urge money to remove financial issues which are bothering you since from the long time.


Jupiter is the ruler of this sign, and during transit Jupiter will shower blessings to the Sagittarius. You may expect some betterment during Jupiter’s transit. And as the Jupiter is moving over the natal Moon it will bring improvements to your overall environment both personal and professional. Also it will boost your confidence level.

Your long distance travels will remain fruitful you will make money through your creativity. For students this phase will increase their mental power to grasp and mug the important concepts of subjects.


For you this phase may increase your expenses, thus tight control over the unnecessarily expenses required to be tight control to avoid cash crunch.

This phase may deteriorate your health if proper care is not taken.

To boost the auspiciousness of Jupiter apply saffron tilak, donate yellow flowers, get blessings from elders.


Transiting Jupiter to the gains house will turn your efforts to bring gains and success through your endeavors.

This phase is the most productive for you and you have to grasp this opportune phase to bring windfall of money.

Financial problems are set to remove during this phase.

To health front you may recuperated. Medicines will give you complete effects which are not giving the desired results.


Transiting Jupiter will influence it’s good results to the profession house, good results at the professional life front can be expected.

From 10th house it will aspect to the 4th house, as 4th house is seen for the mental peace, assets, and vehicles, thereby those waiting to purchase for the property or vehicle Jupiter may make their dreams to come true.

To boost the good results of Jupiter during this transit you should donate yellow sweets, flowers and Beej Mantra of Jupiter to derive auspicious results.

Stay blessed

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