Importance of Lagna or Ascendant lord

Lagna or Ascendant.
Look, if you’re in a journey and driver is driving your car if the state of health of driver is good then he will drop you to your destination without hassle, but if your driver is not healthy then you can’t expect to reach your destination on time, during your journey he will undergo lots of problems like, traveling sickness, vomit even there could be a danger of accident also. Likewise is your Ascendant and it’s lord, it’s a driver of your life’s journey.

There could be difference of opinions from Astrologer to Astrologer, some of them imposes their own ideas and thinking and mix it with the divine Astrology, but in my opinion we are nothing to over impose the lessons and solutions given by our great sages, we have to humbly learn and understand the each and every beneficial words given by sages to cure the unfavorable effects of our 9 planets.

As above statement help you to understand the importance of Ascendant, now let’s go through for the remedial measures to strengthen Ascendant and it’s lord.
Practical solutions are many but it is must to make the perfect blend of Astrological and practical solutions to boost the energy of Ascendant, similarly many ways which are suggested to boost the strength of planet are as follows;

Performing donation planet related to Ascendant
Increasing the use of colors in our daily life to the planet associated with the Ascendant
Performing puja or Mantra Japa
Boosting the strength through gemstones or Rudraksha

Some practical solutions;

Resect the persons for which the Lord of Ascendant signifies for e.g. if lord of Ascendant is Sun then;
Respect father,
Gurus, teachers
Obey Government rules
Be punctual and sincere
Always be on time like the Sun
Look, everyone with the single eye, like the Sun, it delivers it’s light equally to everyone with no discrimination.
Now above stated measures and remedies well understood by you, further look for the problems associated when Ascendant lord gets weak;

Your importance in the society and your health is judged from the Ascendant, if it is weak by affliction by cruel or malefic planet to Ascendant or it’s lord occupies the unfavorable houses like; 6, 8, 12 houses from Ascendant the Ascendant lord looses it’s powers then it results in many problems like;

Health issues
Obstacles and hurdles in life
Native faces problems in personal and professional life
Struggle and hardships could be more than any achievements
Health issues always causes the hindrance in every matters

Note: if lord of Ascendant is strong then native will easily surpass the challenges of life but, afflicted or weak Ascendant lord makes the native devoid from the life’s happiness, because Ascendant is pillar of your life also as one of the house of “Vishnu Sthan” similarly without 4 pillars your life can’t hold the perfect balance in life.

I hope this post would help you to better understand about the Ascendant.

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