Why is Saturn considered hard in any zodiac house?

Saturn is not hard but the effects it gives turns every matter hard. Easy games turns tougher because Saturn creates circumstances to make native to be more laborious.

Let’s understand with one simple example which would help you understand Saturn.

Everyone has experienced a school timings and learnings, similalry learning by teachers is very hard because teacher teach us and let us learned in every manner whether it could be by beating is or by punishing, bit if student got learned or scared to the hard treatment by the teacher then student got exact amount of learning due to fear of teacher.

Similarly Saturn just is like a tough master, it teaches us discipline, if someone fails in maintaining the discipline in life then he or she bears the untoward results of Saturn.

  • Saturn is emotionless and gives results based on the actions, if your deeds are good then you can expect for the good results, means “As you sow so shall you reap”
  • Saturn is God of justice, if you are not good at your karmas then ready for punishment.
  • Saturn is your behavior with others if not treating others with the same eye then, you could be threaten as you are for others.

I hope this answers your concern.


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