Which planet is responsible in astrology for highest intelligence?

Intelligence and Planets

Since only possessing the intelligence is of no use there should be some other combinations are must to use this intelligence in the proper way, because intelligence is the energy of mind and there should be proper control over the mind to utilize your intelligence for the benefits.

However for intelligence only Mercury is seen for the intelligence, but other planets also plays equal role to say for someone he or she is intelligent or not!

Similarly Mercury is a planet which denotes, intelligence and highly adaptive planet, it gets turned to the qualities to whom it is associated in the chart, likewise if Mercury forms close conjunction with the Rahu or Ketu then total theme of the Mercury gets changed, if it conjuncts with the Sun, Moon, Venus or Jupiter then results can be expected accordingly.

How Mercury change it’s qualities:

Mercury is just like a clear glass and the planet to whom it is in conjunction possess the is color, the reflection of the other planet Mercury perfectly holds and reflect in the form of formulation. Since if Mercury conjuncts with one planet then it is known as conjunction. Whereas a stellium, is simply a cluster of three or more planets in a single house. They combine to function as one force, a kind of super planet.

What happens when Mercury conjoins with Rahu


Under this conjunction, Mercury and Rahu, Mercury is under a lot of pressure from the Rahu. Rahu is like a head without a body and knows no limits to anything. It will make you obsess over things and in this conjunction, the subject matter of your obsession might be your significant other. No matter what you do, you will always keep wondering what they’re up to and will want to know even the minutest details of their day. This conjunction might make you one of those people who are constantly glued to their cell phones talking to their partners.

Rahu will also make you desire a hedonistic and luxurious lifestyle, in furtherance of which you might max out your credit cards and spend way more than you earn. You will want to impress others with the wealth that you supposedly have by making lavish yet unnecessary purchases. Thus the intelligence goes in to the vain because Rahu is spoiling the ability of individual to distinguish between the right or wrong.

Mercury and Jupiter

Now Jupiter is planet of wisdom, knowledge and divine grace and together with the Mercury this conjunction is considered as the best conjunction, though both are antithetical to each other, but native having Jupiter-Mercury conjunction, uses his grey matter and don’t commits bad deeds in life, because Jupiter affects to the intelligence and restricts the native to get indulged in to the bad deeds, often-seems the native having this combinations are good scholars, researchers, writers, business tycoons. Thereby having this conjunction motivates the native to adhere right path to achieve success.


Moon-Mercury and Sun-Mercury conjunctions are also considered as the auspicious conjunctions with respect to the intelligence. Moon is a mind and Sun is a soul thus the conjunction with these planets forms the good and auspicious Yoga, for Sun-Mercury conjunction, best Yoga known as Buddha Aditya Yoga, the effects of the Yoga makes the native feel to be a royalist in his approach, on the other hand for Moon-Mercury conjunction if Moon is mind then Mercury is intelligence it is the perfect blend of mind and the intelligence, this combination allows the native to use his intelligence to achieve success in every areas of life.

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