Which planet, according to astrology, helps with buying a home?

Dream Home

Basically each house of the natal chart holds importance for so many happenings and things, overall aspects of the life can be seen through various houses and through the 9 planets, similarly for buying of home 4th 6th and 11th and 12th houses are seen, now you would be thinking that for house that much houses are responsible! Yeas my dear even planets are ahead to be described for property and house purchase.

Though it is complex to understand but, complexity makes things to happen.

Let’s discuss about the importance of houses for buying a home:

As 4th house signifies for the property, house, land, cattle, real estate matters, and possessions you have such as vehicles, mental peace and emotional satisfaction and assets. And the significator for the property purchase are; Jupiter, Moon, Venus, Mars whereas Saturn denotes agricultural lands.

Then 6th house is seen for the bank loans and other loans which are arranged from the borrowing of money from others or by bank loan.

11th house is seen for the gains, it states that how much the purchased property will be fruitful to you, whether it will give gains or loss in future, hence this house matters a lot for those who are purchasing land, flats or any other property for sale and purchase.

Now 12th house, look if you’re going to purchase something, obviously you have to spend money and 12th house is seen for the spending’s and expenditures.

Let’s discuss about the planets:

Jupiter, the natural benefic planet, it gives expansion, wealth and prosperity, the effects of the Jupiter by placement, aspect, conjunction to the above said houses or it’s lords then it confirms the chances of property purchase, since support from the other planets is must.

Moon; it represents mental satisfaction, daily income and movement of shifting of house because it is movable planet, therefore connection with the houses and planets indicates the movement for new house.

Venus; the planet of happiness, luxury, and finance growth and wealth prospects, thus it decides that how would be the ambiance and locality of your new house, similarly if the Venus is getting some affliction from the Saturn or Rahu, then location of your property could be to the average place, if Venus is getting the aspect of Jupiter or Moon then, you can expect for the high society location.

Mars; it denotes for the constructed property, if Mars contributing it’s huge influence then native goes for the flat or any constructed property purchase.

When our stars favors for the property purchase?

At this point, transit and Mahadasha of planets matters a lot, if all above planets and houses are getting the perfect influence then these planets unites to pin point the event for the property purchase.

Whereas, sometimes the dasha period of badhkesh creates obstacles, in getting bank loans, or create insufficiency of funds to fulfill the dreams, therefore remedies for the badhaka planet is must please your badhaka planet.

Whereas some malefic influence of the planets also causes obstacles, thereby remedies should be performed to the related malefic planet if it is causing any obstacles.

Practically property purchase or marriage are two important and essential factors of life, and both demands fortitude and proper evaluation, similarly if anyone commits hasty decisions then decisions taken in a flurry then, problems are sure to come in life, therefore in my opinion do proper survey and plan according to the financial availability, if your financial conditions are not good then wait for some time and try your best to improve it by proper management of funds, since these are small practices but capable to keep you free from the future related tensions and keep you away to become overburdened from the loan or debts.

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