Which house is for wealth in astrology?


As for wealth only one and two are are not seen, it’s a complex study to assess the overall wealth prospects, here I have mentioned some factors for your reference.

Everyone is working hard to enjoy his or her life with luxuries and gains, but sometimes all efforts goes to vain when there is a sharp distance in the earnings and expenditures, similarly lots of practical examples are for learnings, best example to understand it is No pain no gain. If someone is willing to work hard then stars suports him at every steps.

Let’s understand which are the planetary factors and houses supports to native to turn efforts in to gains.

Primarily there should be good combinations of the planets in chart, because if positioning of the planets in chart are good then it directly encourage the native in keeping constant his rhythm for financial prospects.

Direct support from the houses

2nd house signifies accumulation of wealth in the form of liquid money or daily earnings, it is the house for your daily savings.

11th house is seen for the gains and 12th house is for loss, you knows it very well, bit complexity formed by the planets restricts the native to earn money. How!

If your chart is afflicted from Daridra Yoga, Pitru Dosha, 3rd house is afflicted, more influence of 12th house and 6th house.


Dasha period is of 12th house lord or Badhkesh is also effective in the prevailing Dasha phase, then it results in the loss, increase is expenditures in many manners like;

  • If you lent money to someone it will never returns.
  • Money investments in the wrong plans or ventures.
  • Hospitalization of loved one increase your expenditures.
  • Penalties, it may be in the form of legal or any others.

You’re having property but not selling at the desired or expected price, even oftentimes seems that you have purchased any other property thinking at that time that when it would be sold I will make payment to the purchased one, but opposite part hangs you in limbo by holding your payment.

So there are many factors which breaks your enthusiasm to earn and accumulate wealth, since chart is afflicted from ominous Daridra, or Pitru Dosha, similarly these are real enemies and restrict to become wealthy.

Whereas affliction to the Jupiter, Mercury, Moon, Venus also causes problems in accumulation in wealth.

How these planets are responsible for wealth

Jupiter is natural beneficial planet it gives wealth and success.

Mercury represents intelligence, that how you applies your intelligence to find gains.

Moon represents inflow of income.

Venus represents happiness through earnings and stability of finance.

If planets are in a healthy state then houses supports in the financial gains, provided chart should not be infected from Daridra or Pitru Dosha.

Oftenseems that, someone from your locality or known circle having poor life, but day by day he or she gained lots of wealth, even having no money for the investment native attained immense wealth. How it happens?

The only and only factors are practical approach, start your work and move ahead in a stepwise manner, don’t grief over the failures plus make perfect connection with the destiny by making your stars attuned to your efforts.

Success to become billionaire is not a Maggie it required hard and sincere efforts, no one born with the silver spoon, you have to make your spoon in silver by efforts. Similarly be practical and don’t make grandiose plans.

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  1. Thanks for your comment. As you holds a good knowledge of astrology and it’s good to delving the lots more secrets of astrology through research articles or posts.
    With regards to your concern, 2nd and 11th houses are the base of financial fortunes and gives affluence and stability to wealth, if 2nd and 11th houses are afflicted then moving ahead for the further financial factors and houses could be quite unjustified.
    So primarily check the promise given by our stars and houses, if stars are promising for the good finance and fortunes then moving ahead for the other factors would be helpful.
    Thanks again, remain in touch to get more interesting posts.


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