What is Neechbhanga Raj Yoga ?

Neechbhanga Raj Yoga

Rajyoga is a combination of Power, wealth and authority. For Neechbhanga Raj Yoga formation, the debilitated planet should be in Kendra from the Lagna, then it gives the formation of this wonderful yoga.

Also, if the planet causing the Neechbhanga is conjunct or aspecting the debilitated planet, raj yoga is formed.

We get the Reference of this Yoga in Astrological Classics – Phaladeepika, Devakeralam

There are many conditions which can lead to Neechbhanga Rajyoga.

  1. When debilitated, gives the native good results during it’s dasha.
  2. When the ruler of the sign of debilitation of the debilitated planet is placed in a Kendra(1st,4th,7th,10th houses) or Trikona(1st,5th,9th houses) from the Lagna or moon.
  3. (Use the moon only when it is well placed and strong enough), or is exalted.
  4. When the ruler of the sign of exaltation of the debilitated planet is placed in Kendra from Lagna.
  5. When the debilitated planet is placed at a Kendra from the Lagna or a strong , well placed moon.
  6. When the debilitated planet is aspected by it’s lord of debilitation sign
  7. When the debilitated planet is exalted in the Navmansha (D-9) chart or Shashthiamsha chart (D-60).
  8. . When the Navmansha Lord of the debilitated planet is well placed, in Kendra from the Lagna in the Rashi chart.

Satisfaction of one or more of the above conditions will lead to Neechbhanga Rajyoga or cancellation of debilitation any planet in the yoga.

Benefits of Neechbhanga Rajyoga

Benefits of Neechbhanga Rajyoga

  • This Yoga gives all around success and happiness in life.
  • Native enjoys healthy and wealthy life.
  • It supports the luck and makes fortunate, wealthy, learned and educated.
  • It attracts materialistic comforts, luxuries, property and vehicles.
  • Sound health condition and robust body constitution.
  • increase in wealth and prosperity.
  • It gives, reputation and high values in society.
  • Native enjoys family relations and get support from loved ones.
  • Success in higher education, learned, scholar.
  • Good relation with father and Government.

Many celebrities having this extraordinary yoga; most notably: Shri Narendra Modi ji, Albert Einstein, Amitabh Bachchan, Pablo Piccasso, Al Pacino, Lord Krishna, Barack Obama and Demi Moore.

These are some of the people with the most notable and strongest Neechabhanga Rajyogas.



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