What role does your astrological chart play in your job satisfaction?

For the satisfaction in job there are number of astrological combinations plays a role, since career plays a vital role for everyone, because without having satisfactory earnings from the job or business directly affects the personal and professional-life, even low salary or insufficiency of the funds restricts us to fulfill our demands of day today life. Thereby if anyone having good career-life then it brings good values and respect from the social circle or from the relatives.

Factors responsible for the satisfaction in job

As 10th house is seen for the profession and 6th house is job environment, whereas Moon is seen for the metal satisfactions, and mental state. 11th house is seen for the gains and 2nd house is seen for the accumulation of funds, now complete formulation between the houses and planets depicts the overall picture of professional-life and satisfaction from the job.

If benefic aspects to the above said of the planets are associated with the planets and houses then it brings success and satisfactions from the professional-life, naive enjoys his job and perform best to urge success even from the ordinary job.

Frequent job changes

For this Moon plays a vital role to make our self stable and take productive decisions for the career-life, if Moon is hemmed between the malefic and afflicted in the adverse houses then, it directly affects our thought process, thereby native faces problems of fights and devilment from the colleagues, due to the afflicted moon, afflicted Mon affects the professional life’s stability because due to the affliction to the Moon if any provocative or tensed conditions arises in front of the native, then he or she impulsively commits the job change. Similarly frequent job change due to the problems created at the job front directly affects our career-life.

How native enjoys job satisfaction

Overall favorable planetary combinations and supportive houses promotes the career-life, similarly if 6th house is strong and it’s lord is also in the sound position, gains house is also free from any maleficience 2nd house is also strong and lastly Moon and Sun also also in good position then all these factors confirms the satisfactorily career-life.

I hope this answers your concern.

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