What astrological combinations denote long-term unemployment in a horoscope?

There could be lots of reasons for the unemployment, similar if we look through the astrological aspects the birth map clearly indicates the image of career. If planetary positioning of the native’s chart is promising for the good career then native enjoys his/her career.

Similarly some unfavorable planetary combinations and formulations of the planets indicates that native may face long term unemployment or not.

Astrological combinations for the long-term unemployment

As profession or career is acts like the source of income through which we fulfills our requirements, it could be personal or for the family availability of money and proper cycle of the income generation is must for the happy life.

Since the unfavorable positioning of the planets affects our career prospects and creates long term unemployment. Primarily our natal Moon holds the powers and indicates about the mental state, if Moon is afflicted or positioned in the unfavorable or aggressive sign, ten native never enjoys his or her career life, any provocative conditions at the career front provokes him to quit the job and find another one, thereby native’s career life becomes just like as the rolling stone, leaving and joining to one and another job goes on, but if unfavorable planetary effects dominates then native faces long term unemployment.

On the other hand Sun is seen for the pride, self respect, your values at the office front, your efforts, fame and dishonor, relations with the higher ups, all are connected with the Sun, if Sun is not in a healthy state then native faces problems with the above said significations, and all this leads to the unsettled career life or can cause long term unemployment.

Since the above said factors indicates about the unsettled career life, but the long term unemployment happens only when the antithetical or unfavorable dasha or transit support to the unfavorable planetary forces.

Thus the Dasha of 5th house, 3rd house and 6th house with malefic transit of the Saturn or Rahu/Ketu to the 6th or 10th house prevails native faces failures in getting the right job with long term unemployment.

I hope this answers your concern.


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