Which planetary combination gives a beautiful wife?

Beautiful wife

As marriage is destined and it happens only when we are destined to get married, some individuals may get frustrated due to the delay in getting married, and blames to their luck due to the failures in marriage proposals and unnecessary created delay for the marriage.

Since beauty doesn’t matters, thereby beauty of the mind and thoughts matters, some have very beautiful and attractive life wife but some don’t, but sometimes failures in the marriage could more reported in the case of beautiful wife, in spite of less beautiful ones. Similarly for the beautiful and supportive spouse our stars plays this game to provide us beautiful or caring spouse.

There are several combinations which helps to get beautiful wife:

let’s understand the thumb rule; if 7th house lord is aspected by the Venus or Moon or these are giving full effects to the 7th house or it’s lord then it gives beautiful wife.

Now understand the overall pictures with some more examples:

Primarily it is must that our chart should be supportive for the beautiful wife, but before moving ahead it is must that even having beautiful wife, married-life should be blissful and harmonious. Because often seems that even having beautiful wife many had faced problems in married-life even many of the unluckiest may have divorce or separation also. Therefore rather to find beautiful wife it is must to get properly analyzed your horoscope to find the chances of martial problems will occur in future or not if chart is promising for the problems then you must perform the remedial measures to curb the negative influence of the stars which could create problems in your married-life. Thus moving ahead without any confusions is a wise decision rather to grief or blaming your luck.

Now let’s understand how do you know that you will have beautiful wife or not

7th house signifies spouse, similarly if 7th house lord is forming the favorable conjunction with the Moon and Venus in Kendra or Trikona houses then it indicates beautiful wife.

On the other hand if this conjunction is formed in the 2nd house together with the 11th house lord is aspecting to this conjunction then this directly increases the financial fortunes after marriage, that’s why it is called that, your luck will shine after your marriage, because after marriage the stars of your spouse activates and work together with your spouse stars to increase the financial fortunes.
On the other hand you may had noticed that, spouse also found to be lucky for some husbands, because luck of the wife directly supports to her husband, even wife’s stars protects husband from the accidents and various health related problems, you have heard the story of “Mata Savitri”, how she turned the decision of Yamaraj to get back her husband’s life.

Some other happenings are also noticed that someone met with the serious accident but husband and wife’s are saved, somehow these stores may be sounding silly but this is truth. Native only believes when only, some happenings or incidents personally happens.

Moving ahead with some more examples, Venus signifies beauty and affection, but Moon gives perfection in the beauty, similarly if both planets are getting equally influencing to the 7th house then it confirms the chances of beautiful wife.

Simply look for the Venus and Moon and their connection with the 7th house and it’s lord to conclude for the wife’s personality and looks.

I hope this answers your concern.

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