When does Lagna lord give bad results

Lagna lord is one of the most auspicious lord in the natal chart, it is considered as the power of horoscope.

Similarly if lagna lord is not in a healthy state then life become devoid from the happiness because destiny wants to give more than your expectations but due to the weak strength of lagna lord you may be not abke to receive the goodness as much you want.

As there are number of aspects which vivek the indications in which lagna lord gets weakened, let’s discuss how lagna lord gets weak.

If it occupies one of the 6, 8, 12 houses.
If it conjoins with the natural malefic planets as – Shani, Rahu, Ketu.
If lagna occupied by the Rahu or Ketu
If lagna is devoid from the benefic effects.
If lagna is in gandant.
If lagna lord occupies the house which is having low number of Astakavarga points.
The above mentioned points which indicates the weak lagna or lagna lord.

Now what if lagna lord is weak or afflicted;

Native faces hurdles and obstacles in life.
Health issues is life are more prevalent.
Native gets low importance in the social circle.
Weak and low level of confidence.

I hope this answers your concern

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