What is the meaning of “strong Jupiter” in Indian astrology and how to benefit from it?

Jupiter the most benefic and the significator of wisdom, wealth, expansion, progeny, education, higher intellect, luck, spiritual wisdom, religion, philosophy, higher learning, research, affluence, generosity, righteousness, inherent goodness, and wisdom, intrinsic curiosity, bent of mind, kind of faith, foreign travel. On the other hand if Saturn gives results according to the Karmas then, Jupiter guides us not forget values, and adhere to the morals.

Jupiter in Astrology

As per Vedic Astrology, Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system.
It stays in one zodiac sign for around 13 months.
Jupiter turns retrograde every year, and its retrogression period is about 110 days.
Jupiter takes around 12 years to complete one circle around the zodiac.

Which factors makes Jupiter strong:

As Jupiter best shows it’s results in the Kendra and Trikona Houses, similarly if Jupiter is well placed in the good and favorable houses then it gains the desired amount of strength to deliver it’s auspicious results in every areas of life.

It is well versed for the expansion, it expands the area where it is placed in a horoscope. Similarly if it is placed in 11th house of income and gains, it usually expands wealth and prosperity.

How to get benefit from Jupiter

Chiefly we need to understand the demand of Jupiter, as it demands to be helpful and pay regards to your elders, teachers, father and to those also who are equal to your father. Often seems that, person having good and auspicious positioning of Jupiter in the natal chart but rather to get good results native suffers from the many problems during the dasha and transit phase of Jupiter, similarly some factors which soils the benevolence of Jupiter, due to unwillingness deeds of native.

If Jupiter is well places as per the above said positioning then, native have to adhere to the moral values, because Jupiter is demanding from your and it is reflecting from your chart, if native consumes alcohol, non vegetarian diet especially during the Thursdays, then he or she may directly spoils the benefic Jupiter and turns the beneficence in to the maleficence.

Therefore it must to take care about the demands of Jupiter to expect the good results from it, this is the fact that, if native commits bad deeds then the return of time cycle will affect you in many manners, it’s of no use to perform expensive remedies, wearing costly gemstones, performing havan, puja, if you’re spoiling your Jupiter by doing anti works to divine Jupiter.

Simple and effective remedy to strengthen your Jupiter

chant beej mantra of Jupiter, donate yellow colored flowers or sweets on Thursdays, avoid smoking or alcohol, maintain sattvik life particularly on Thursdays, if possible then leave all bad deeds and live with the simple lifestyle.


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