Transit of Shani for Cancer Ascendant and results

For Cancer Ascendant Shani will ingress to the 7th house. On 23rd January 2020 and it will be Capricorn sign.

As for Cancer sign Shani is rival to Moon thereby you can’t expect for the extra good results during this phase because Shani is also transiting to the Marka or killer house for Cancer Ascendant.

But need not to worry because your efforts and precautions would let you stay protected from the untoward effects of Shani.

During this phase your health may be affected badly because this may be unfavorable transit, therefore proper health care is must for those whore are suffering from previous health issues.

For married individuals, some petty issues may rise and all this may disturb your conjugal happiness.

For business personnel’s some misunderstandings may arise, therefore maintain transparency in your account matters and should deal in a healthier way with your business partner.

I hope this may help you to understand about the shani transit.


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