Is it true that Rahu takes everything back what it gives during its Mahadasha?

Rahu is a hard task manager, since it signifies success, fame, wealth, but the next face of Rahu is; grief, failures, loss and resentments.

It wouldn’t be wrong if you’re assuming that, what Rahu gives takes back brutally. Remember Rahu’s result are just illusion or short term happiness, even success got by Rahu is not granted because other planets which are posited in the chart makes us to adhere to the moral values and be practical.

Similalry whenever Saturn would influence your life during Saade Saati, Mahadasha or transit it will detach you from the worldly pleasures and force you to touch down your knees to ground and be grounded.

Saturn gives discipline, but contrary to this Rahu increases the huger for luxuries.
Ketu gives detachment and during it’s phase natives got strong inclinations of tyag, due to this native get detached with the worldly pleasures.

In case of Jupiter, during it’s mahadasha native gets more inclined towards the donations, helpimg others and spirituality due to this native comes out from the clutch of Rahu’s greed.

Summarily natives loses what gained during the Rahu Mahadasha phase by getting more detaching from the luxuries because, the effects of the Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu removes the screen of illusion in front of natives vision.
I hope this answers your query.

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