Can an astrologer predict the life purpose of a person?

For an expert it’s very simple to predict about the purpose of birth, whether he will live a well known legendary life or will remain poor or live with miseries.

The healthy state of the planets in chart gives good indications and beckon the successful life, but contrary to this afflictions to the planets and houses distracts the native to smoothly move towards the goals.

Assessment of Lagna, Moon sign and Birth Star, reflects the nature of native, since various types of significance’s are associated with these primarily factors which helps to find a direction to move ahead for the further predictions.

Similarly various factors of life can be seen from the Horoscopes which are:

How will be age up to 12 years, it means the 1st phase of life in which child learns from the parents, teachers and learns the etiquette of social and personal life, on the other hand this is the most crucial phase in which if child remains healthy then it gives proper foundation to life.


Since learning’s and education makes the native perfect to make strong foundation to academic career life, then native decides for the further education stream, likewise in which stream he or she will be in.

Job or Business

The influence of the planets gives the indication and inclinations of native, that he or she is business minded or a job oriented person. Successful businessman, whether business will be a family business or stand by self.

Health conditions

How will be health conditions, whether native will have major or minor health issues or common problems, if any major health issues are indicating from the natal chart then divisional charts e.g. D6 and D10, reveals the truth and indicate the strong possibilities of health issues and diseases from which native will be suffer.

Since everyone has desires to live luxurious life, enjoy all sort of facilities, but for all this, practical approach is must, similarly the Influence of the stars indicates about the thinking process and approach of native.

Since Rahu and Venus makes the native to live imaginary life and these planets also indicates native will prosper ahead with practical approach or make grandiose plans only.

I hope this answers your concern.


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