Astrological combinations and problems with in laws

Our planets and houses are truly our blue print and provided the complete information, about the various aspects of our life. Relations with others, relatives and many more can be analyzed through the stars and houses, because our 9 planets are signifies for the relatives e.g. Moon resembles to mother and Sun resembles to father, likewise to find the information about the in laws, we need to understand about the house which is the seen for the in laws.

I would like you to know that according to female astrology, 2nd and 8th houses plays a pivotal role in the happiness of married life and the strength of these houses and their lords indicates the conditions about the in laws and married life.

Since 2nd house indicates the house of in laws

Sun and Jupiter are the significator for the Sasur and Moon is the karka for Saas.

If 2nd house is free from the malefic effects and Sun, Jupiter and Moon are good in conditions then, native enjoys the happiness from in laws otherwise problems may occur after marriage, and due to the in laws married life also get affected.

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